Check-out this tutorial by NurdRage. A real scientist explains how to make glow in the dark dye and how to make your own glow sticks at home. Much more economical and eliminates a lot of unnecessary waste.


Glow Sticks Blow!

Welcome to This website is an open forum for educational purposes, mainly but not limited to glow sticks and the dark realities related to their production, freight and disposal. I know, you’re probably thinking “Wow, really? Now glow sticks are bad? What’s next, binkies and white gloves?”. And sure, with a mountain of global issues in sight, our “glow stick problem” may seem laughable and I can see why. I mean, glow sticks don’t kill people, they really aren’t dangerous if used as directed, and there are practical uses like safety and rescue. If I asked this question “What is a glow stick?” or, “define a glow stick”, most people would say that a glow stick is A.) a harmless glow toy or, B.) a tool used for safety or camping. And I agree. A glow stick is useful, but only for a few hours. Is it really worth the tremendous amount of energy required to create these things and then ship them from half-way around the world? And, is fair that a glow stick gets to occupy our planet for eternity after such a short lifetime. The useless waste connected to glow stick manufacturing begins long before a finished product and continues even more after 4-5 “useful” hours. There, I said it. Glow sticks are bad and there are a ton of other glow in the dark or LED toys out there that are less harmful to our planet. Or, a better alternative is glow in the dark apparel. Although actual glow in the dark fabric is rare in the apparel industry, a neon dyed t-shirt is just as bright and won’t fade. The neon dye gives off an extremely bright glow under UV light and since a t-shirt covers half your body, they’re the brightest thing in the room. The best thing about a glow in the dark t-shirt is that they last forever. So even if you don’t want it anymore, you can give it to someone who does, or to someone in need. Also, in most cases, its pretty hard to lose the shirt you’re wearing but if it does come off and get misplaced, it shouldn’t be hard to find. Check-out Acid Unicorn for their latest selection. By far the best online store specializing in glow in the dark t-shirts.