My name is Joel. I’m the owner/designer/developer for Acid Unicorn Design+Apparel. I started my business in October of 2009 with the launch of my online store and my first vending gig at Freaknight in Seattle; USC’s 13th annual Halloween massive. Just over a year later, I stopped working my comfortable day job in January of 2011. Not because I make a ton of money selling t-shirts, but because I felt like it was time to take a risk for what is really important to me.
The Acid Unicorn clothing line was built around one simple concept that has become a huge advantage over other small clothing brands and glow products. Most of my designs are done using glow in the dark ink, UV reactive ink (if not both) and UV reactive fabric therefore combining both fashion and fun visual effects. Kids love them because they are bright, colorful and fun do dance in but the best part is that they are Eco-friendly alternatives to glow sticks. The adverse affects of waste caused by glow sticks are somewhat clear to most, but the energy consumed to produce and import them from overseas are frightening facts that are not openly discussed. Most people don’t realize these facts until I tell them which is why I really want to start educating the community. I’m not gonna get into all the details in this email but there is a greater cause that I support other than my pockets. Anyway, I would really like to help provide a positive experience at your event if I can. I promise to make your party brighter and your trash cans lighter. I don’t look down on glow stick or LED vendors or bring any negativity in any way. All I do is offer information based of facts and alternative ways to glow and have fun that is safe and better for us all.


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